Painting Research Seminar: Adrian Morris and the 1978 Hayward Annual

25 Oct 2018

6.30pm to 8pm 

The paintings of Adrian Morris (1929-2004) had their first major exposure forty years ago at the 1978 Hayward Annual. 

Noted for its all-women selection committee and predominantly female exhibitors, the ‘feminist’ annual also offered a cross-section of art in Britain at the end of an uneasy, indeterminate decade. 

In the context of the South Bank’s Brutalist architecture, the exhibition explored - not least with Morris’s highly individual work - zones between utopia and dystopia, public space and private psychology, the human and the cosmic.

This seminar will revisit the ’78 Hayward Annual, tracing the subsequent trajectories of some of its participants and reflecting on what such survey shows reveal from current perspectives. Morris’s work, currently subject to rediscovery and reinterpretation, will be a central focus.

With Merlin James (Glasgow), Anna Susanna Woof (Berlin), Matthew Pang (London) and Liliane Lijn (UK) and others to be announced.

Convened by Daniel Sturgis.

Organised by Camberwell College of Arts and 42 Carlton Place.

Adrian Morris archive display at Camberwell College of Arts Library October 2018. Organised by Matthew Pang and Catinca Malaimare.